Specialty Electronics Products

Electronic Head Array

This alternative driver control system is typically used for individuals with Cerebral Palsy or with anyone that has difficulty with motor control or coordination. It has been highly successful for these...

Power Chin Boom

The Power Chin Boom is a versatile and innovative motorized mounting arm. It's designed for mounting a chin joystick.

Stealth i-Drive

The iā€‘Drive is the most advanced wheelchair drive control to date! Designed around a proprietary Central Processing Unit (CPU) and the Advanced Programming Software (APS), this combination of hardware and software...

Stealth Micro-9 Joystick

The Micro Joystick is our most sensitive joystick yet! Its small, ergonomic design was developed for easy use for those with poor or weak muscular power or restricted movement.

Stealth Precision Mini Proportional Joystick

The Stealth Mini Proportional Joystick is one of the most precise, robust, and multiple axis proportional controllers available for use on a power wheelchair.

Vis Multi Joystick

The Multi Joystick is designed for those users with limited muscular power such as ALS or MS. It requires slightly more force than the Micro Joystick but is still ultra sensitive....