Price Rite prescription refills & medication service center


Price Rite's priority is to provide the most efficient, satisfying Bozeman pharmacy service available in the Gallatin Valley. Our new, expanded space offers room for our additional pharmaceutical services, including compounding and prescription refills. 

Our knowledgeable Bozeman pharmacists can help with a wide variety of medicinal needs, including diabetic equipment, vitamin recommendations, ostomy/urostomy supplies, CPAPS, and wound care. As a member of the Health Mart pharmacy network, our team is constantly updated with the latest developments in pharmaceutical care, so we are always finding new ways to improve the speed and quality of what we do. We take pride in making sure you are properly taken care of and leave with exactly what you need.

Conveniently located on North 7th Avenue in Bozeman and staffed with a friendly team of knowledgeable pharmacists, we aim to meet all of your healthcare and pharmaceutical needs. Price Rite accepts all major insurance providers, so our pharmacists are experienced in dealing with the ever-changing complexity of the medical business and we are more than willing to answer any insurance or Medicare questions you may have.

Prescription Refills

Price Rite drug prescription refills & medications
Our pharmacy uses a Parata Max robot to quickly count, fill, and label your prescriptions. This keeps the costs of your prescriptions low, your kids will enjoy watching a robot at work, and our highly-trained staff will be free to focus on your needs. You can use our online form to fill out a prescription refill request and pick it up in-store or sign up for our complimentary drop-off service.

Medical Equipment

Four wheeled walker in use by a standing man in front of a sofa chair
Price Rite Drug has also been serving the community with our medical equipment store, helping those with limited mobility, dealing with a recent diagnosis, or recovering from an injury.

Learn more about our assortment of equipment, pressure imaging systems, or repair and delivery services.


Prescription refills & medication compounding liquid in a clear glass
At Price Rite Drug, because we understand that one size does not always fit all, we are proud to be the provider of pharmaceutical compounding for our Bozeman patients. Compounding is the art and science of preparing prescriptions crafted especially for the needs of each individual patient, allowing for a more customized medication.

Learn more about how our state-of-the-art compounding services can benefit you.


Our newly remodeled service counter for prescription refills & medications


We are pleased to show off our newly-remodeled pharmacy! Price Rite has occupied the space on 7th Avenue since 1985, slowly growing into our own Southside entrance in 2002. Our newest remodel moves us to a storefront directly off of 7th Avenue and yields 2400 square feet of space for our state-of-the-art compounding department as well as other expanded Bozeman medication services in our pharmacy.

Whether you have specific questions for our pharmacy technicians or are simply picking up a refill, Price Rite is sure to provide the experienced staff and products to meet your needs.

Prescription Delivery Service

Price Rite is dedicated to making managing your health as easy as possible, which is why we offer a free Bozeman prescription delivery service. This home-service extends to the medical equipment side of our store as well; we will drive to your Gallatin Valley residence to perform a fitting, deliver equipment, or make repairs.


We are equipped with a modern vaccination room where one of our three certified pharmacists can ensure you are up-to-date on any immunizations.

Expansive Retail Inventory

Our renovation has allowed us to provide a much larger inventory of over-the-counter medicine and medical supply to Bozeman. This includes bandages, seat cushions, injury and wound care, and a variety of cold medicines and vitamins. We also have an amazing gift section that features Montana Made products! Support Local!

Beer, Wine and Convenience Items

We have a full beer and wine license, meaning we are fully-stocked with Montana’s best craft beer as well as convenience food items.

Blood Pressure Management

Our blood pressure monitoring system allows patients to perform a quick self-check while browsing our pharmacy in Bozeman or waiting for a prescription fill.