Price Rite Drug is proud to offer our customers a large selection of hospital beds and various accessories that can extend the life or improve the comforts of your existing bed. In addition to our selection of electric frames and mattresses, we also have a massive inventory of air, gel, and fiber overlays and many different choices of both manual and electric lifts that will ease your transitions throughout your day, whether it be getting from chair to bed, getting yourself into a comfortable standing position or going up a flight of stairs. 
We are here for you at Price Rite Drug.

Hospital Beds
We have a wide selection of Hospital beds at Price Rite Drug. Our selection of beds includes Full Electric Hospital Beds, Semi-Electric Hospital Beds, Easy Assembly Trapeze, and Over Bed Tables.

Patient Lifts
In addition to our selection of Hospital beds, we also offer Patient Lift Products. Our Patient Lift Products include: Ceiling Track Systems, Electric Lifts, and Hydraulic Lift, Stand Assists.

Stair/ Vertical Lifts
We additionally have a wide selection of Stair/ Vertical Lifts including Curved Chair Lifts, Straight Stair Lifts, and Vertical Lifts. 

Support Surfaces
Our Support Surface Products include Basic Fiber Mattress, Stage I Air Overlay, Stage I Gel Overlay, and Stage II Mattress Replacement.

We invite you to browse our selection of items, contact us with questions, or schedule a consultation to see which is right for you.