Patient Lifts Products

Ceiling Track Systems

We all want to be able to move about safely, in comfort and with dignity, and the Barrier Free Lifts PC-2 has proven itself to be an invaluable aid to thousands of people with restricted mobility. Capable of being installed in virtually unlimited configurations, from simple track systems to room covering transversals, our technical engineers will be happy to design track layouts to meet your individual requirements.

Curved Stair Lifts

The Helix Curved Stair Lift offers a narrow profile that mounts closer to the wall, with tighter bends. The ride is ultra smooth--and whisper quiet!

Electric Lift

Durable power lift with power-opening base for transfers up to 450 lb.

Hydraulic Lift

High lift range allows easy access to tubs, chairs, commodes, floors and beds.

Stand Assist

Helps patients who lack the strength or muscle control to rise to a standing position by using battery power.

Straight Stair Lifts

The Pinnacle is the true essence of an affordable and necessary luxury. The slimmest and most light-weight stair lift on the market, it folds to take just 11” of staircase width....

Vertical Lifts

Harmar’s Residential Vertical Platform Lift (RPL) is a safe, smooth and economical solution to the barriers porches, staircases, decks and other elevation changes can create in and around a home.