RESNA Certified Technicians

Certified Assistive Technology Professional

RESNA‚Äôs ATP Certification recognizes professionals who have reached an internationally accepted standard of knowledge in assistive technology for consumers with disabilities. A RESNA-Certified ATP takes a holistic approach to every situation, assessing your situation and influences, and then determining what equipment will enable you to optimize your life at home, school, work and in the community. 

ATPs must follow a strict Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics, helping to assure quality service and consumer protection. An ATP offers guidance ensuring you are getting the most out of your technology and using the best assistive devices for your unique needs. 

Being ATP certified is more than just a credential, it is a representation of commitment to consumers with disabilities and helping them navigate the medical equipment world. An ATP certification is the only NCCA accredited credentials for the assistive technology space and ensures you will receive the guidance you need when working with Price Rite.

RESNA certification includes work and education eligibility, the passing of a 200-item examination, and an on-going commitment to practice at the highest ethical standard in the field of assistive technology. Visit Price Rite Drug in Bozeman, MT to work with an ATP to get the most out of your assertive technology.

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