Zippie Iris

The ZIPPIE IRIS Kids Tilt Wheelchair uses patented rotation-in-space technology for smooth and controlled tilting, the shortest possible wheelbase, and an extremely low weight while providing superior positioning capabilities and caregiver options.

The Zippie Iris Kids Tilt Wheelchair offers 40 or 55 degrees of intelligent rotation in space technology as well as accessories and features for caregiver convenience. A foot release tilt actuator to eliminate cables, push button hub locks with compact and easy access, and an angle adjustable stroller handle to allow caregivers of any height to push while chair is in a tilted position.

The Zippie Iris is built with your child's growth in mind. The folding frame allows for 4" of built-in depth growth, 2" built in width growth, and width adjustable strut tubes for the rigid frame. The Zippie Iris kids tilt wheelchair also offers a range of accessories to customize your chair even more for your child’s needs.

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