Zippie X'Cape Manual Folding

The ZIPPIE X’CAPE® pediatric folding wheelchair with XLOCK® technology, giving the wheelchair the performance of a rigid frame and the convince of a folding frame. The ZIPPIE X’CAPE® is specifically designed for growing and active kids, weighing as little as 19 pounds and featuring a versatile frame. 

This wheelchair was designed with helping children gain further independence and mobility as they grow and develop. As your child grows, there’s 2” of growth in the cross brace and 3” growth in the seat rail to keep them comfortably positioned. Additionally, its lightweight design means that your child can focus less on propulsion and spend more time doing what they love - playing, exploring, or just being a kid. 

This chairs patented XLOCK® folding cross brace fully locks when it becomes unfolded. This gives the ZIPPIE X’CAPE® the performance, efficiency, and durability of a rigid frame wheelchair. Transportation is just as easy, with a one-step, push-to-lock, and pull-to-fold functions are easy to operate and only require one hand. 

The best part about the ZIPPIE X’CAPE® pediatric folding wheelchair is the 600 different color selections your child can choose from. No matter what their preference, your child is sure to find what they want. 
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