Zippie ZM-310 Power

Price Rite Drug is proud to offer medical equipment and accessories for kids as well as adults. The Zippie ZM30 pediatric power wheelchair is here to ensure that your child maintains full independence while in the chair. The Zippie ZM30 is all that your child needs to get from point A to point B comfortably and safely. 

The Zippie ZM30 has a specialized design, specifically tailored to be compact, with mid-wheel drive bases that ensures a child is able to drive it comfortably and securely. Since the chair is designed and crafted specifically for children, the Zippie offers the patient seating with built-in growth, meaning that as your child grows, they can properly adjust the chair accordingly. Options for adjustments include the ability to recline, or power tilt to improve your child’s positioning. But the best part? The wide array of different colors and patterns to select from! If you are feeling unsure if this is the right choice for, schedule your free consultation with Price Rite Drug below to find out if the Zippie ZM30 Power chair is the chair for your child. 

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