AllTrack R Series Rear-Wheel Drive

The Alltrack R Series is a unique Hybrid drive power wheelchair that has become an excellent choice for active people who like to spend time outdoors while still navigating comfortably indoors. The R Series is the only truly hybrid option, combining the best of both rear-wheel and mid-wheel drive in one capable design. 

Ideal for users that require superior outdoor performance, speed and comfort. This hybrid design provides the comfort of a traditional rear-wheel drive without sacrificing the maneuverability of mid-wheel drive. Also offers a patented dual-action suspension with fully independent 6-wheel interactive suspensions with vertical shock absorption. 

Compatible with specialty controls and offering power seating options such as power tilt, power recline with shear reduction, combo power tilt and recline, center mount elevating and articulating foot platform, independent power elevating and articulating leg rests, and power seat elevate.

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