AllTrack M Series Mid-Wheel Drive

The Alltrack M Series is a mid-wheel drive power wheelchair with a standard weight capacity of 300 lbs with an option of up to 450 lbs and is ideal for an active end user sharing their time between indoor and outdoor activities.
As part of the Alltrack family, it also comes with the Advance Geometric Design (A.G.D) with its GC3 technology that enhances the stability, mobility and comfort for the end user.

Alltrack M allows users to maneuver over or around day-to-day obstacles while offering unparalleled stability. The Alltrack M series offers an exclusive suspension that allows for a tight turning radius of 20". 

Some additional options available with the Alltrack M Series mid-wheel drive power chair are a 50° power tilt,  power recline with shear reduction, 11" (280 mm) power elevating seat, power elevating and articulating leg rests or foot platform, SMARTTRACK assistive driving package, and specialty controls. 

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