Quickie 2

The Quickie® 2 has been the industry's favorite folding manual ultra lightweight wheelchair for over 25 years. Versatile, modular, and available in over 100,000 configurations and counting, the Quickie® 2 moves and changes with you and your needs. Don't compromise your fit or performance, Quickie® wheelchairs are designed to meet all of your unique needs. 
The Quickie® 2 features independent, interchangeable frame components to adapt to changing conditions without needing to replace the wheelchair. The versatility of the Quickie® 2 gives you more options for rear wheels, casters, hangers, armrests, footrests, frame angles, measurements, and a depth-adjustable backrest.

Get where you want to go with a Quickie® 2 Wheelchair and make sure you have the mobility device you need to thrive. Quickie offers accessories and comfort options to make sure it works for you.

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