Trapeze Bar With Stand

This easy to assemble trapeze allows the user to easily change their position while remaining in the comfort of their bed. This trapeze bar with a stand has a wide range of various height adjustments and hand bar positions to make it easy for users to get themselves comfortable and move about while in bed. 

This trapeze is built with durable steel construction and features a two-piece design, tool-free assembly, an adjustable chain, and adjustable bar height. The hand bar can attach to the bed without the need for any additional tools for an easy and convenient assembly. 

The overhead device features a triangular handle that allows patients with limited lower-body mobility to help lift themselves into a new position in the bed or into a mobility device. The trapeze is only designed to provide repositioning assistance, not support an individual’s full weight.

This trapeze with a stand is ideal for home care settings, hospitals, rehab facilities, and more. Conveniently portable so it has flexible placement capabilities.

A trapeze can increase personal freedom, mobility and independence for patients with upper body movement and strength while helping reduce caregiver and patient fatigue, strain and injuries. 

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