Fully Electric Hospital Bed

This fully electric hospital bed has split rails for both patient protection and safety, located at both the head and the foot of the bed. All individuals - caregivers, patients, and users - will be able to easily re-adjust bed height and the patient’s body position.

Users and caregivers can easily adjust body position and bed height with intuitive hand pendant. The modern electric motor means that caregivers and patients don't have to deal with a hand crank or manual adjustments, reducing the physical demands of caregiving.

This hospital bed is so lightweight due to its channel frame design which provides reliable strength and structure without adding weight. Maintenance is easy with color-coded junction box connections. The ends of each bed are interchangeable and are easily washable with standard water pressure. 

This fully electric hospital bed is an excellent choice for a long-term care bed. Its universal style, crack-proof head and foot boards easily fit into existing home décor. Enjoy improved mobility and quality of life with a fully adjustable electric hospital bed from Price Rite Drug and Medical Supplies in Bozeman, MT. 

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