Semi-Electric Hospital Bed

This hospital bed is only semi-electric, but the head and foot are easily adjustable by a remote control. To adjust the bed’s height, there is a hand crank. Easy to use for caregivers and patients. This simple design offers the mobility assistance needed to sit up, get out of bed or just lift your head and feet.

This semi-electric hospital bed can easily accommodate most patients, and the sturdy metal frame is strong and easy to clean. A modern DC motor allows for convenient bed adjustments and snaps off quickly for easy delivery, set-up and maintenance. A 9V battery back-up (battery not included) keeps this bed functional during power outages. The hand pendant control is designed with large, easy to see buttons, and this bed can be moved around easily on four sturdy casters.

Improve your mobility and quality of life with a semi-electric hospital bed from Price Rite Drug in Bozeman, MT. Price Rite offers a wide range of hospital beds and other medical equipment to assist caregivers and patients with day-to-day needs and activities. 

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This semi electric hospital bed measures 80”L x 36”W, with the height being adjustable from 15” to 20”. 

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